Why Masterclass is Wrong

Many of you might be familiar with the online learning platform, Masterclass. For those of you not familiar with it, it is a video-based learning platform that hires well-known individuals to ‘teach’ courses in specific areas. Want to improve your basketball? Steph Curry will be your instructorWant to learn how to cook? Gordon Ramsey will … Read more

The Aspect of Endurance Sports Coaching No One Talks About

Prior to starting UESCA, I worked as a personal trainer in NYC for over 20 years. During that time, I performed hundreds, if not thousands of training sessions. While those sessions differed by client, types of exercises, location, etc… the one common theme that they all shared was ‘giving.’ Giver What I mean by ‘giving’ … Read more

10 Tips to Stay on the Legal Side of Your Coaching Practice

Coaches are often so focused on the training side of their businesses that they negate a very important part – the legal side. While I am not an attorney, as someone with over 20 years experience in the fitness and coaching business, I’ve come to learn the importance of the following ten areas: LIABILITY WAIVER … Read more

Stay In Your Lane

There are many aspects to being a great coach… Reliable. Professional. Knowledgable. Adaptable. The list goes on. However, one aspect of being a great coach that is often left off the list is that of staying in your lane. While this falls under the ‘professional’ category listed above, unfortunately, it is all too often ignored … Read more

Know Your Worth

This is a topic that is near and dear to my heart. Throughout my career as a personal trainer, I would often get asked for free fitness programs, advice, or my ‘opinion’ on a variety of fitness-related questions. As an example, and on the surface, a question such as, “What is a good core exercise?” … Read more

How To Start A Run Coaching Business – A Comprehensive Guide

So you’ve run a bunch of races, love reading up on the latest training information and most importantly, you want to share your passion with others so that they can achieve their goals… awesome! Now what? There’s no doubt about it – starting a business is hard. Regardless of whether it’s online or brick and … Read more