Coach Directory

Eureza (Rez) Nguyen

Coach Profile

  • Certified UESCA Running Coach, Certified UESCA Endurance Sports Nutrition Coach
Sport(s) Coached
  • Running (marathon or shorter)
Level of Specialization
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
Other Areas of Specialization
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Injury Prevention
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Form Analysis
Coaching Experience

1-3 years

About Eureza (Rez)

I am a busy wife and mama to 3 little kids. I’ve been run coaching since February 2021 and have enjoyed getting to know many athletes from across the U.S. and internationally! I coached everyone from the couch (non-runner) to someone who hopes to qualify for Boston. In addition to run coaching, I’ve been working in the Physical Therapy field for over 10 years helping patients return to their prior level of function. These patients include law enforcement officers and firefighters wishing to return to running for work.

Coaching Philosophy

I am a very hands-on coach who is interested in your training and your day-to-day life! To succeed and have fun with training, my expectation would be that you and I would communicate regularly; so that I can modify if needed and progress your plan safely and effectively. It’s inevitable that we’ll have things come up, but if you stay driven and keep me in the loop, we can still achieve the goals we have set. Also, the more consistent you are in training, the better your body adapts to the change. So, keep trying even though it seems like a bad workout. I will be here for you along the way!