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Ward Pettenger

Coach Profile

  • Certified UESCA Ultrarunning Coach
Sport(s) Coached
  • Running (marathon or shorter)
  • Ultrarunning
Level of Specialization
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Expert/Advanced
Other Areas of Specialization
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Injury Prevention
  • Form Analysis
Coaching Experience

0-1 year

About Ward

My first race was a marathon and I loved training for it and running it, but once I discovered running on trails was a thing I never looked back. I have run 18 ultramarathons including 50K's, timed events, 50M, 100K, and five 100 mile races. I love challenging, difficult races, that get the most out of you and test your physical and mental strength. My crew is my family and my pacers are my sons and friends. I'll be trying for a 3rd shot at the Western States lottery when I run Cruel Jewel 100 this May. I also coach high school/middle school track and varsity cross country.

Coaching Philosophy

Quality over quantity! I don't believe in putting in miles just to hit weekly mileage goals. Time on feet is most important. I understand the challenges of fitting in training while working full-time and having a family. Running can help handle those obligations better, make you a better employee, and family member. Everyone's goals are different and everyone's training plan should be specific to their needs and situations. I love to see people meet their goals and progress in their training. It's very exciting to watch athletes reap the rewards of the hard work they have put in!