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Evan Rosenberg

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Sport(s) Coached
  • Running (marathon or shorter)
  • Swimming
  • Triathlon
Level of Specialization
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
Other Areas of Specialization
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Sports Nutrition
Coaching Experience

1-3 years

About Evan

I am a certified UESCA triathlon coach that specializes in triathlon, running, strength, and nutrition. I believe in tailoring training to the individuals needs, goals, and background. Training should align with the specificity of the individual and the goal in order to make training both challenging and enjoyable. My specialization is new athletes looking to break into the sport or a new distance as well as intermediate athletes looking to tackle a new goal. I coach sprint triathlons, olympic triathlons, Ironman 70.3, half marathons, 10ks, and 5ks for first timers & PRs.

Coaching Philosophy

My coaching philosophy is that you should challenge yourself and set some big goals but also have fun & learn while doing it. While I believe in respecting different differences and working hard to accomplish both distance / time goals is important, sports are meant to be fun and if you aren't enjoying it then you are doing it wrong. I like to work with my athletes to ensure success and motivate them along their journeys by personalizing training to align with the specificity and intensity of the athletes goals & lifestyle. As we begin working together, I work with the athlete to create these defining goals / success criteria for the training block(s) in order to maximize value and make the training relationship a meaningful experience. Throughout training, I work with my athletes to provide guidance and mentorship in a multitude of different methods to be all in on athlete goals / needs