Episode #11: Strength Training for Endurance Athletes with guest Lori Thomson

In this episode of All Things Endurance, host Rick Prince chats with strength and conditioning specialist, Lori Thomson regarding strength training for endurance athletes. Lori is a former gym owner and is currently a strength and endurance coach, as well as a Ph.D candidate in exercise science. Below are some of the topics that were discussed in this episode:

  • Strength training is often at odds with endurance athletes, why is this and is this changing?
  • Benefits of strength training for endurance athletes
  • How should an endurance athlete integrate strength training into their program?
  • What is concurrent training and how is it best implemented?
  • Should endurance athletes stay away from lifting heavy weights?
  • When in a training program should endurance athletes perform strength training?
  • What exercises apply to most endurance athletes?

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