Episode #14: Successfully Scaling Your Coach Business with Guests Geoff and Heather Hart

In this episode of All Things Endurance, host Rick Prince chats with Geoff and Heather Hart, co-owners of Hart Strength and Endurance Coaching. The podcast topics center around how to scale one’s coaching business, with a lot of emphasis on how and when to bring on other coaches to work for you. They focus on road runners and ultrarunners, as well as strength training. In addition to coaching, Heather was also a presenter (strength training) at last year’s UESCA Ultrarunning Coach Conference. As Geoff and Heather have built a very successful and sustainable coaching practice, if you want to build a solo coaching practice, or one that employs other coaches – this podcast is gold!

Some of the topics discussed are:

  1. What got you and Geoff into coaching? What did you guys do before coaching?
  2. Have you always been ultrarunning-focused coaches?
  3. When, and how did you decide to bring on another coach(es)?
  4. What are the main qualities that you look for when bringing on more coaches?
  5. Are there any legal considerations to consider when hiring coaches?
  6. How much time do you spend on your clients vs. managing your business/other coaches?
  7. How do you market your coaches/coaching business?
  8. What are some of the biggest challenges of having coaches work for you?
  9. When an inquiry comes in for coaching, how do you determine what coach you select to work with the athlete?
  10. If someone was looking to hire coaches under them, what is some advice you would give them?

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