Episode #15: Understanding Self Defense with Guest James Jankiewicz

In this episode of the All Things Endurance podcast, host Rick Prince chats with self-defense expert, James Jankiewicz.

It is an unfortunate reality that recently, a month or two do not go by without hearing about someone being assaulted while exercising outdoors, often with horrific consequences. As the growth of trail/ultrarunning and gravel cycling is on a meteoric rise, there are more athletes running and cycling in isolated areas than ever before. While learning self-defense is important for everyone to know, it’s never been more important amongst those that exercise in isolated environments.

This is not noted as a scare tactic but that of reality. In this podcast, James discusses the following areas:

  1. James’s background
  2. How is the form of self-defense discussed by James different from other forms of self-defense and why is it the most effective?
    1. Discuss traditional self-defense models
  3. What are some of the most important aspects to the recommended form of self-defense?
  4. What are some situations to try to avoid if possible (ie. Running in isolated areas by themselves)?
  5. What about carrying things such as pepper spray or other things like that?
  6. What are some of the key target areas on a human?
  7. What about defending yourself against animals such as dogs, wildlife?
  8. Discuss the difference when self-defense become necessary between doing it when tired (during a run) or when not tired and how to train for this.
  9. Does the size/weight of an attacker influence one’s response?

As noted in the podcast, James is developing a self-defense specialization course for UESCA which will be free of charge for everyone due to its importance. When this course launches, UESCA will announce it via newsletter and social media channels.

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