Episode #7: Environmental Considerations for Endurance Athletes with Guest Corrine Malcolm

In this episode of the All Things Endurance podcast, host Rick Prince speaks with environmental physiologist, Corrine Malcolm. In addition to being an environmental physiologist, Corrine Malcolm is also a professional ultrarunner with Adidas Terrex. Rick and Corrine discuss a wide range of topics pertaining to athletic performance in various environmental conditions such as heat, humidity, cold, altitude, and air pollution.

2:02 – Corrine Malcolm’s background

7:33 – Main areas that are influenced by environmental physiology
10:49 – Correct and incorrect ways to acclimate to heat
17:24 – Mistakes athletes make when acclimating to heat
21:40 – Can we acclimate to humidity?
27:43 – How to best acclimate to altitude
38:06 – What is the best altitude for acclimation?
41:49 – How long does the effect of altitude training last?
46:17 – Can you acclimate to cold temperatures?
54:48 – Specific heat protocols
1:01:07 – How to deal with air pollution
1:03:15 – Importance of trialing for environmental factors
1:04:54 – Resources

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