Episode #9: Nutritional Programming for Endurance Athletes with Guest Bob Seebohar

If you’re interested in learning about optimizing your health and performance via nutrition, consider this podcast a must! In this episode, host Rick Prince chats with registered sports dietitian, Bob Seebohar. Bob is a seasoned sports dietitian who specializes in working with endurance athletes. In this podcast, Bob discusses a wide range of topics that relate to nutritional programming for endurance athletes.

1:02 – Bob Seebohar’s background
5:29 – What type of athletes do you work with?
8:57 – Nutrition Periodization
15:02 – Carbohydrate Loading
21:17 – Eating for health and performance?
24:03 – Use of caffeine
31:04 – Supplements
44:02 – Ketone esters
49:47 – Supplements that may not be worth your money
54:50 – 3rd party analysis of supplements
58:37 – How important is blood testing with respect to nutritional programming?
1:05:13 – Weight (fat) loss as a Masters athlete
1:09:29 – Nutritional considerations of ultra-distance athletes
1:13:41 – Female-specific nutritional considerations
1:19:02 – Myth-based nutritional topics

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